SDVOSB – An Opportunity for Disabled Veterans

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Published: 30th March 2010
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In order to help the inured or disabled veterans, the Unite States Government had created special provisions for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses or SDVOSB with an aim to provide them a fair chance to compete with the companies that have been reining the Federal marketplace for decades. The President's Executive Order 13360 basically establishes procurement preferences for small business companies owned and operated by veterans who are service-disable to show them gratitude and respect for serving the country.

This order provides opportunities for SDVOSB that help them to increase their Federal contracting as well as sub-contracting business. Even though the intention has always been to give back to those who fought for the nation, the prospect of doing business with SDVO businesses is surely high for contracting Federal agencies. The veterans who have fought for the nation with courage and strength have most of the qualities required to lead and establish a business. The leadership ability, management skill and strong work ethics are the three basic qualities of veterans that get carried over to their businesses resulting into long-term success.

Contacting Goals for SDVOSB:

According to the contracting goal set by Public Law 106-50, the Federal agencies would be awarding 3% of all major contracts to the eligible service disabled veteran owned businesses. Apart from this, large scale Prime Contractors too have set SDVOSB subcontracting goals.

Major Points for Consideration:

However, there are certain points that need to be considered. A veteran would have access to all the SDVOB privileges only if he conforms to all or any of the following key points. The key points of consideration are:

1. Veteran - the term veteran suggests a person who had been serving the United States' active military in any of the four branches currently in operation and in all of the previous branches, and was discharged or released from the service under any condition other than dishonesty.

2. Condition worth consideration (Service connected) - veteran's disability or death must be incurred or even aggravated while on duty in the U.S. military, air or navel service.

3. Exceptions to Service connected - the damage or disease is considered to have occurred in the line of duty unless it occurs while the person was absent without permission/ while confined either by military or any civilian authority for serious crimes caused by the veteran's own misconduct or as a result of drug abuse.

SDVOSB Contracting Requirements:

In order to qualify for the SDVOSB programs, the veteran owned business must meet certain criteria like:

1. The business must be a 'small business' according to the size standard set by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

2. It must be owned and operated by either one or more service-disabled veterans. The disability rating can however vary from 0 to 100%.

3. The veteran should own the major portion of the business.

However, it must be noted that there is no set disability requirement for SDVO. The veteran himself is responsible for rating his disability from 0 to 100%. On an annual, basis the United States Federal Government targets participation of service disabled veteran owned (SDVO) small businesses at 3% of the federal budget or $6.5 billion for federal contract procurement.

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